Brown Signs Bill Affirming Independence of Delta Stewardship Council

Gov. Jerry Brown yesterday signed AB 1019, reaffirming the Delta Stewardship Council as an independent state agency.

The bill is part of a government reorganization plan proposed by Brown which cuts the number of state agencies from 12 to 10 and eliminates or consolidates dozens of departments and entities. The plan changes the reporting relationships of dozens of entities to improve coordination and efficiency, aiming to make government more responsive to the public.  

The plan originally included merging the Delta Stewardship Council with the Natural Resources Agency, but was rewritten to exclude that proposal.

Upon implementation, five existing state agencies will be replaced by the following three:

  • The Government Operations Agency, which will be responsible for administering state operations, such as procurement, information technology and human resources;
  • The Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency, which will be responsible for licensing and oversight of industries, businesses and other professionals; and
  • The Transportation Agency, which will align all of the state’s transportation entities.

Brown’s plan becomes operative on July 1, 2013. According to the Little Hoover Commission, the governor’s plan represents the most ambitious of the 36 reorganizations they have reviewed since 1968.

A summary of the plan can be found here. AB 1019 can be viewed here.