Bureau Increases Flows on American, Sacramento Rivers for Flood Control

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation increased flows this week on the lower American River and the Sacramento River for flood control management.

Releases from Nimbus Dam into the lower American were increased from 3,800 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 15,000 cfs. With a series of winter storms expected over the next several days, the Bureau warned that high flows will occur in the river. Heightened releases are expected to continue as storage levels in Folsom Lake encroach into the required flood control reservation storage, which is about 430,000 acre-feet. Folsom Lake held about 524,000 acre-feet in storage at mid-day Dec. 15.

On the Sacramento River, the Bureau increased releases from Shasta Dam from 7,000 cfs to 15,000 cfs. Higher releases are expected to continue for the next several days as storage levels in Shasta Lake continue to encroach into required flood control reservation space.

More on flows and operations is available here.