DFG Launches New Science Website

A new website unveiled by the Department of Fish and Game today features reports, studies and other scientific research conducted by the department in a user-friendly format.

The site, www.dfg.ca.gov/Science, represents phase one of the department’s new Science Institute, with future phases to include an archive of scientific presentations, professional development tools, better access to outside science and scientific literature and a science symposium.

“This website is the first part of a multi-phase approach intended to highlight the exceptional work that DFG scientists have been doing for many, many years and support our scientific future,” said DFG Director Charlton H. Bonham. “Our goal is that this Institute will help develop our current scientists professionally, by increasing skills, resources, collaboration and notoriety, as well as attract new scientists to help us plan for the years ahead.”

View a video message about the launch by Bonham.