New CUWA Report Highlights Efforts on Water Supply Reliability

Ongoing efforts to improve urban water management and diversify supply portfolios are the focus of a recent report by the California Urban Water Agencies.

CUWA’s Water Supply Reliability Report documents progress by 10 major urban water agencies to improve water supply reliability as reported by the agencies in their 2010 Urban Water Management Plans.

The report notes that over the past 20 years, CUWA agencies have invested more than $20 billion in projects and programs that provide reliable, high-quality water supplies. The investments have also been supplemented by grants and funds from other water agencies and entities within the CUWA service areas.

The investments also have supported extensive programs in water conservation, comprehensive water supply diversification strategies, and ongoing infrastructure improvements to improve system reliability within CUWA agency service areas, the report says.

“CUWA agencies are taking leadership roles in the important areas of water conservation, supply diversification and infrastructure improvements. Together, they are maximizing development of cost-effective local supplies, reducing reliance on additional imported water supplies, and working to ensure that existing imported supplies are secure and reliable for the 24 million people served by the CUWA agencies,” the report says.

Read the complete report here.