ACWA Submits Letter In Support of Electronic Delivery of Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)


ACWA submitted a letter Oct. 9 to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voicing support for the electronic delivery of consumer confidence reports (CCRs). The EPA has circulated a draft document titled “Consumer Confidence Report Electronic Delivery Options and Consideration” which proposes electronic options related to the delivery of the reports.

Public comment on the draft document is open through Oct. 11.

In its letter to the EPA, ACWA stated that in “this digital age, many consumers prefer to receive information electronically and even complain that water agencies waste paper on their bills and CCRs.”

“Allowing water agencies to also distribute CCRs electronically would provide this vital information to consumers in a format they desire,” the letter stated.

The letter also stated that electronic delivery of CCRs would lower paper and printing costs for water agencies and also would save water and trees.

“ACWA greatly appreciates EPA’s initiative to move CCRs into the digital age, and offering electronic delivery of this information would continue to improve the consumer’s right to know about the quality of their water,” the letter, signed by Abby Schneider, federal legislative representative for ACWA, stated.

An amendment to this year’s Farm Bill which would have allowed the electronic delivery of CCRs failed by two votes in June. Under that proposal, water agencies not in violation of a drinking water standard could post their consumer confidence reports on their website.

The EPA draft document is available here