EPA Awards Urban Waters Grants to California Projects

Three projects in California have been selected to receive funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to improve urban waters.

The funding is part of $2.7 million awarded to 46 organizations as part of EPA’s Urban Waters program and supports communities’ efforts to access, improve and benefit from their urban waters and the surrounding land. The grants range from $30,000 to $60,000 for projects across the country, including in a number of underserved communities.

California projects are listed below. To view a full list of projects receiving funding, click here.

Council for Watershed Health
Los Angeles
The Council for Watershed Health will develop a Los Angeles River Watershed assessment framework and then disseminate the results to the community via multi-media outlets. The Council for Watershed Health will work with the EPA's Urban Waters Partnership and local stakeholders to identify factors and report out to the community. Award Amount: $59,925

Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed
The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed proposes to restore water quality in the Marsh Creek Watershed through increasing understanding and awareness of water quality issues and advancing restoration and stewardship. The main tasks proposed are: 1) Project Management; 2) Water Quality Monitoring; 3) Agricultural Community Outreach and Technical Assistance; 4) Community Member Outreach and Training; 5) Leadership Training; 6) Green Infrastructure Restoration Planning.  The results of this project will lead to significant improvements in water quality, providing multiple benefits to the communities within the project area and the larger Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Award Amount: $60,000

Revive the San Joaquin 
The Revive the San Joaquin will develop regular citizen-based water quality monitoring events at locations on the San Joaquin River, create baseline data sets that can support San Joaquin River watershed restoration and regional water quality goals, and develop a public participation program that will actively educate adjacent landowners about water quality impacts of contaminated stormwater. Award Amount: $59,660