State Board Postpones Vote on Amendment to Recycled Water Policy

The State Water Resources Control Board postponed action Oct. 16 on a proposed amendment to its Recycled Water Policy to allow more time for staff to finalize responses to comments regarding constituents of emerging concern (CECs). The proposed amendment recommends monitoring for specific CECs in recycled water used for groundwater recharge reuse. CECs are a broad class of substances, which can include pharmaceuticals and body care products that can be present in minute amounts in wastewater.

At its Oct. 16 meeting, the State Water Board listened to a report from a science advisory panel that had been formed in 2009 to provide guidance on possible action regarding CECs. That panel did not recommend monitoring CECs in recycled water used for landscape irrigation, but recommended monitoring of some surrogates in such recycled water.

In May, staff with the State Water Board circulated the proposed amendment for public review and written comment. In June, it also circulated the proposed amendment to scientific peer reviewers. State Water Board staff considered the comments, then made revisions to the proposed amendments. Among the proposed revisions is language that if monitoring results indicate that additional monitoring is required after treatment, the Regional Water Board shall consult with the Department of Public Health and “revise the Monitoring and Reporting Program as appropriate.”

The State Water Board deferred taking a vote on the proposed amendment in order to allow staff more time to finalize its response to written comments it has received regarding the amendment. A date for reconsideration has not yet been set. 

ACWA submitted comments on the proposed amendment in cooperation with WateReuse California and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies. The letter can be found here.

The proposed amendment is here.