Survey Launched to Compile Water Treatment Cost Information

ACWA is encouraging water system operators to complete an online survey to help determine annual costs associated with drinking water treatment.

The survey is aimed at developing treatment cost information that utilities can use to prepare the 2013 Public Health Goal (PHG) report that is required for water utilities that detect a contaminant in drinking water that exceeds the state’s PHG for that contaminant. Data from the survey will help determine the annual cost per 1,000 gallons of water treated.

The next PHG report is due July 1. In an effort to provide the most thorough and up-to-date information, ACWA is asking operations managers and other water quality treatment personnel to complete the survey and indicate how much it costs to treat their water supply for various drinking water constituents and what type of technology is used to remove them from the source water.

ACWA will use the information to create a user-friendly “Cost Estimates for Treatment Technologies” worksheet that will be included with the association’s complete PHG report guidance documents, available in early 2013.

Survey responses are requested by Nov. 20. The survey can be accessed here.

Questions may be directed to Danielle Blacet at 916.441.4545.