ACWA Comments on Latest Water Conservation Figures

SACRAMENTO –Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Executive Director Timothy Quinn issued the following statement today on Californians’ ongoing water conservation efforts under the state’s modified emergency conservation regulation.

“We applaud Californians for their ongoing conservation efforts during this historic drought. As the latest data from the State Water Resources Control Board makes clear, Californians are making a habit of using water efficiently both indoors and outdoors.

“ACWA supported the policy shift from last year’s top-down, state-mandated conservation targets to this year’s ‘stress test’ approach that emphasizes local discretion, subject to a strong standard of drought preparedness. Many water suppliers can certify they are indeed drought-prepared thanks to years of planning and local investments in drought-resilient supplies and ongoing efficiency. It’s a good news story that shows the public’s support for local investments is paying off.

“But when agencies pass the stress test, it doesn’t mean they are backing off on conservation. Far from it. There are water suppliers all over the state continuing robust conservation programs and putting significant dollars and resources into rebates, water-wise house calls, and public outreach and enforcement activities.

“Clearly the public gets it. They understand the need for ongoing conservation, and are willing to continue to do their part. Even though extraordinary measures such as putting a bucket in the shower or letting your lawn go completely brown are not needed in many areas right now, we know the conservation ethic continues. We look forward to further expanding on that ethic as we work toward developing a long-term conservation framework as outlined in Gov. Jerry Brown's May 9 executive order.”



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