Webcast on 2011-'12 Water Conditions Set for May 9

The Department of Water Resources has scheduled a webcast on Wednesday, May 9, to review this winter’s weather conditions and water supply implications.  Topics include statewide dry conditions and their implications, seasonal runoff forecasts and water conservation for urban landscaping.

The one-hour workshop will begin at 10 a.m. 

With the winter rainy season over, it is clear that California is experiencing dry conditions.  The Colorado River Basin, an important source of imported supplies for Southern California, is also dry.  Thanks to good carry-over storage from a wet 2011, impacts of the dry water year will be minimized for most water users who have access to water supplied from reservoirs and groundwater basins. However, this year’s dry conditions emphasize the need to prepare for the possibility that 2013 might also be dry.

The webcast presentations will illustrate the vagaries California experienced in its weather this winter, and provide tips for conserving water in urban landscaping.

The agenda includes:

  • Statewide dry conditions & their implications, Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, DWR
  • Weather & climate, winter 2011-12, Mike Anderson, State Climatologist, DWR
  • Seasonal runoff forecasts, David Rizzardo, Snow Surveys/Water Supply Forecasting, DWR
  • Water conservation for urban landscaping,Julie Saare-Edmonds, Water Use Efficiency, DWR

For more information, contact DWR Information Officer Ted Thomas at tthomas@water.ca.gov.