#02 Volume Combo DVD – Single DVD of segments 9-16

Combination DVD includes the following segments.

#09  Sacramento Valley: Working Together Pays Off focuses on two major cooperative efforts in the Sacramento Valley. Viewers will get a look at fish passage improvements, groundwater management, water use efficiency programs and other projects under way in both the metropolitan Sacramento area and the agricultural region to the north.

#10  California's Water System focuses on the state’s vast water supply network and its importance to our economy, environment and lifestyle. It takes viewers on a tour of key facilities and explores the role local and regional water management efforts play in meeting California’s water needs.

#11  Water Recycling Imitates Nature focuses on water recycling and the important role it plays in meeting the state’s water needs. Viewers will get a look at some current uses of recycled water and learn how local agencies plan to maximize this key water supply tool in the coming years.

#12  Protecting Against Floods focuses on floods and what local agencies are doing to protect people and property. Viewers will get a look at three examples of modern flood control efforts and learn how some agencies are improving flood protection for their communities while also enhancing habitat for wildlife.

#13  Regional Solutions for Local Needs explores these efforts and how they integrate programs such as infrastructure improvements, groundwater storage, water recycling and water use efficiency. Viewers will get a look at three examples of integrated planning and learn why regional efforts are the future of water management in California.

#14  Cleaning Water the Natural Way explores how wetlands serve as nature’s own water filtration systems. A visit to the San Joaquin Marsh in Irvine offers a first-hand look at the valuable function wetlands areas perform in removing pollutants from runoff while at the same time providing habitat and recreation opportunities.

#15  Beyond Drought: Factors Affecting CA's Water Supply focuses on a recent crisis involving a threatened Delta fish as an example of how factors other than precipitation come into play. Visits to San Luis Reservoir, a Delta fish conservation facility and areas served by the state’s water system help tell the story.

#16  Water Efficient Gardens in Full Bloom highlights award-winning gardens designed to show how Californians can enjoy lovely landscapes while conserving water. Gardens developed by water agencies in Northern and Southern California offer a first-hand look at what residents can learn about our water system and water wise gardening.

ACWA is only authorized to sell copies to its public water agency members for their educational efforts. Members of the general public may purchase copies of the segments by going to Huell Howser's Web site www.calgold.com

Price: $25.00