Updates for Federal Affairs Committee

For an overview of federal water issues please read ACWA's 2017 Federal Briefing Book. read more»
The Federal Affairs Committee meeting schedule for 2017 is not yet available. read more»
ACWA participates in the following federal coaltions: American Public Power Association  Family Farm Alliance  National... read more»
Efforts to date to pass federal drought legislation in the 114th Congress to address California’s ongoing drought crises have not yet... read more»
Federal Regulatory Issues Update November 2015 read more»
Regulatory Chart September 2015 read more»
Attached is ACWA's Federal Regulatory Chart for April 2015.  read more»
January 2015 Regulatory Issues Chart read more»
Please see the attached chart on the status of federal regulatory issues of interest to ACWA. read more»
Below is a portion of the transcript from a Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee hearing. The document is the dialogue... read more»
Chair:  Steven LaMar, Region 10, Irvine Ranch Water District Vice Chair:  Dave Eggerton, Region 3, Calaveras County Water... read more»