Updates for Policy Principles

A reliable supply of high quality water is fundamental to securing drinking water for all Californians, maintaining agricultural... read more»
The federal and state Endangered Species Acts (ESA) are among the most powerful pieces of legislation ever enacted to manage the natural... read more»
A key principle of infrastructure financing is that beneficiaries of program actions should, to the extent that they directly benefit,... read more»
The water community’s vision for how California can meet its future water needs is set forth in ACWA’s NO TIME TO WASTE: A... read more»
The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and its member public water agencies have an acute and essentially proprietary... read more»
The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) has formally adopted policy principles embracing environmental and economic... read more»
The use of water requires energy. Energy is used by consumers and in the treatment and delivery of water. Residential use of water, alone... read more»
Groundwater is an invaluable resource for California and a critical asset in the state’s comprehensive water management portfolio.... read more»
Delta governance is a central issue in the recent Strategic Plan of the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force created by Governor... read more»
In 2005, ACWA published “No Time to Waste: A Blueprint for California Water”. The Blueprint laid out a common sense action... read more»
While California has made great strides in water conservation and efficiency in recent years, the collective impacts of drought, climate... read more»
Ocean and brackish water desalination produces a reliable drought-proof source of high quality drinking water; desalinated water can... read more»
California is facing the most serious water crisis in its history, because of the combined effects of drought, increasingly‐stringent... read more»