Background Check Services Program

Making the right decision when it comes to hiring a new employee can be one of the most challenging tasks facing an employer, particularly considering that more than 30 percent of job applicants provide false or misleading information. Employee Relations, Inc. will help you make the right decision when it comes to hiring a new employee at very affordable, competitive pricing.

Through the ACWA/Employee Relations, Inc. program, ACWA members, get deep discounts (about 25 percent) off the company’s regular pricing charged to private sector clients for pre-employment background checks.

Employee Relations, Inc. is your one source for Employment Practices Risk Management through Pre-Employment Background Investigations; Drug Screening; and many more important Human Resource Support Services.

How it Works:

Employee Relations, Inc. does a pre-employment background investigation (PEBI) that provides an employer with confirmation of information on an application; uncovers inaccurate or undisclosed information; checks criminal, motor vehicle and other public records; verifies Social Security numbers; verifies educational information; and more. These background investigations are comprehensive and result in PEBI reports tailored to meet employer needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

Here are some examples of Employee Relations, Inc. special pricing for ACWA members:

  • criminal history report - $10 per criminal jurisdiction plus any access fees charged by a court or other agency
  • civil judgments - $10
  • professional license/certification verification - $10 (U.S. institutions)
  • motor vehicle report - $3 plus any access fee
  • education verification - $9 (U.S. institutions)
  • credit check - $8
  • Social Security trace - $5
  • basic reference check - $10 per reference
  • expanded reference interviews - $15 per interview
  • drug testing - $36 per test (assumes convenient, approved collection site availability)

About Employee Relations, Inc.:

Employee Relations Inc. has been serving as an important human resources tool since 1988. Its’ mission is to support a clients' need for a safe and productive workplace and to help prevent negligent hiring claims.

For more detailed information or to sign up for the program contact Paula Currie at 916-441-4545.