SolarCity (Solar Program)

SolarCity (Solar Program)

  • ANNOUNCING the “Power In Numbers” program. Click here for more information.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are an important and valuable renewable energy generation technology for water agencies interested in controlling and reducing energy costs. ACWA is proud to announce that ACWA’s Approved Preferred Provider (APP) program now includes one of the top solar energy providers in the U.S., SolarCity.

SolarCity was selected through ACWA’s solar energy RFP process from a field of sixteen commercial solar system providers, and has been confirmed as fully qualified to offer ACWA members: Onsite solar PV systems, solar energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Utility-scale solar PV projects, comprehensive site assessment and energy use analysis, and project feasibility services. As the leading solar service provider in California, SolarCity has collaborated with ACWA to provide these products and services to our members at the best possible value.

Electricity is typically the biggest expense for most water agencies. Water treatment and delivery require significant energy resources. Dr. Lon House, ACWA’s Energy Consultant, has repeatedly advised ACWA members that changing tariffs could make electricity even more expensive in the future, and encouraged them to look at ways to control those escalating costs. On-site solar power generation can be an excellent way to fix energy costs at a lower rate.

Through the ACWA Preferred Provider program, SolarCity is offering discounted pricing and solar system performance guarantees to ACWA to try to ensure that members get the best possible deal:

As part of the preferred provider agreement with ACWA, SolarCity will meet or beat comparable offers from qualified competitors for an equal/ identical solar PV installation or solar energy PPA. SolarCity has raised more than $1.4 billion in structured financing to back its offerings.  SolarCity will also offer ACWA members a comprehensive performance guarantee to alleviate concerns about solar energy production during the life of the system.

From initial feasibility assessment through system design, financing, deployment and operations/maintenance, SolarCity can handle every aspect of your solar service. SolarCity’s state-of –the-art monitoring system provides web-based performance assessment and reporting to ensure that your system generating at its maximum potential.

SolarCity can help you take control of your energy costs, hedge against rising electricity rates, and reduce your impact on the environment. The company has extensive experience helping retailers, manufacturers, agriculture, high tech companies, and government agencies benefit from going solar.

If you have ever thought about installing a solar energy system, or have considered a solar energy PPA, now is a great time to take a serious look at the energy savings benefits these systems can provide. Our exclusive Preferred Provider for solar, SolarCity, is available to help you begin the process, just give them a call. 

Your primary contact is Vincent Ferro, 415.529.5628 or

For information, contact Paula Currie at 916-441-4545.