Water Loss Control and Leak Detection

Water Systems Optimizations, Inc. (WSO), is highly specialized in conducting AWWA top down water audits with a detailed component analysis of real and apparent losses that allows the design of the most efficient water loss management strategies for any given utility.  The overall product benefits are:

  • WATER AUDITS –Use of latest methodologies prescribed by the International Water Association and the American Water Works Association. Vendor has developed AuditSolve™ software, designed to aid the user in making sense of the overwhelming quantity of data that is generated by a comprehensive water audit. WSO's comprehensive water audit services guarantee that water utilities are in full compliance with the CUWCC's BMP1.2 requirements. 
  • SOURCE METER TESTING – This  method causes no interruption to normal supply conditions.
  • CUSTOMER METER TESTING AND PROFILING - Customer water meters are the cash register for the water utility. Regular testing identifies whether any particular make or type of meter is fairing better or worse under the specific local conditions.
  • NON-REVENUE WATER REDUCTION - WSO has proven capability in delivering NRW reduction with the experience to both develop the right strategy and to implement the required remedial actions.
  • LEAKAGE LEVEL MEASUREMENT - WSO is able to provide unparalleled experience in the measurement of leakage levels using Minimum Night-time Flow Analysis, the industry standard.
  • LEAK DETECTION – WSO provides comprehensive leak detection services in the most demanding of circumstances.
  • REVENUE ENHANCEMENT – WSO helps water utilities recover lost revenue by analyzing all aspects of the revenue generation process, including inaccuracies or deficiencies in customer billing, water meter reading procedures, rate discrepancies, sewer exclusions, malfunctioning meters, illegal water consumption and unlisted services.  
  • NETWORK HYDRAULIC MODELING - WSO uses Wallingford Software’s InfoWorksTM hydraulic modeling package and is able to provide a comprehensive hydraulic modeling capability for: network system optimization; asset management studies for  capital investment planning; trunk and raw water mains strategy – operation, optimization and investment requirements; day to day operational planning; poor pressure investigations; district meter and pressure management schemes; full fieldwork and data-logging capability
  • TRAINING - WSO’s training modules are comprehensive, covering theory and hands-on training, including: source meter testing methodologies and technologies; how to conduct a comprehensive water audit; and leak detection technologies and methodologies.

For information, contact Paula Currie at 916-441-4545.