Californians' Views on State' Water System

Field Research Corporation recently conducted a telephone survey of 1,000 registered voters in California on behalf of the Association of California Water Agencies. The survey was conducted in English and Spanish from Nov. 15-27, 2011. Here are the key findings:

  • Californians remain concerned about the state’s water supply, although that concern carries less intensity than in past years. Three in four voters (75%) say they are concerned about water, with 28% extremely concerned and 47% somewhat concerned. The findings place water supply issues in the second tier of issues of concern to Californians today, at a time when voter concerns are dominated by the economy and jobs.
  • An overwhelming majority of Californians agrees the state has major water problems. A total of 84% agree strongly (50%) or somewhat (34%) that California must make major investments to upgrade and modernize our water system to ensure reliable water now and in future years. The findings are consistent with previous surveys on the same topic.
  • Six in ten voters (62%) believe investing billions of dollars in a state water bond package would be worth it to ensure reliable water supplies now and into the future. This includes 40% who feel this way strongly and are the bond’s core supporters. The other 22% are sympathetic and  inclined to feel this way.


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