Local Districts At Your Service

Water agencies and other special districts are considered to be among the most responsive forms of local government. But that doesn't guarantee the public is aware of the services they provide and the important role they play in their communities.

New Tools -- August 2013

Water agencies have a compelling story to tell. ACWA has compiled some resources for member agenices to use to communicate the value and quality of services they provide everyday.

ACWA / CSDA Tools -- December 2012

In addition, ACWA and the California Special Districts Association have developed user-friendly materials to help the public better understand special districts and the unique role they play in providing essential services to people and communities.

Download "Prudent Reserves Keep Local Water Service Stable and Affordable" (December 2012)

Download "Public Water Agencies: Meeting Local Needs for Safe, Reliable Water"

Download Fact Sheet: The "Right" Number of Special Districts

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