Manager of External Affairs

  • by Water Replenishment District of Southern California
  • Feb 11, 2019

Job Location: Lakewood, CA
Application Deadline: 02/28/2019
How to Apply: Interested candidates can apply by going to the District web site at to print an application. Supplemental materials such as a resume are encouraged to be submitted however no candidate will be considered without a fully completed and signed employment application. Application deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, February 28, 2019. Completed applications along with supplemental materials may be submitted as follows:
Via mail to: Brandon Mims, Manager of Administration and Human Resources, Water Replenishment District of Southern California, 4040 Paramount Blvd., Lakewood, CA 90712 or via email at

At the direction of the General Manager, the Manager of External Affairs is responsible for planning and implementing communication and education programs inside and outside WRD and by managing the quality and consistency of communication, aims to increase the public’s understanding and awareness of WRD while simultaneously building positive attitudes. The person in this position is responsible for ensuring the consistency and quality of organizational communications and education programs that increase understanding and awareness of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) and its mission to many different audiences, including stakeholders, customers, employees, elected officials, and the media.


Other primary job responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop, integrate, and implement communication and education programs designed to enhance the WRD brand.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong media relationships.
  • Advance WRD’s position with relevant constituents.
  • Develop and executive varied and integrated communications products including website, print publications, newsletters, online
    communications, media and public relations.
  • Create and launch new media and marketing.
  • Work with the General Manager to achieve organizational goals and objectives by administering the communication and education program initiatives as determined by the larger organizational strategic planning process.
  • Evaluate an integrated strategic communications and education master plan to advance WRD’s brand identity and broaden awareness of its programs and priorities.
  • Refine WRD’s core messages to ensure brand consistency.
  • Resolve public affairs issues.
  • Serve as executive editor for the development, production and maintenance of WRD’s internal and external communication vehicles, including the main website, marketing materials, publications, newsletters, invitations, flyers, advertisements, and annual reports.
  • Enhance meaningful relationships with targeted, high-level external audiences.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Write and coordinate production of external communications including but not limited to website content, press releases, advertising and collateral materials. The Manager of External Affairs will advise and train other staff members of WRD on the proper way to spread messages to various stakeholders. For example, they might advise senior managers on techniques for communicating with customers, elected officials,
regulators or the media. The Manager of External Affairs will also provide practical support to the management team and Board of Directors by writing speeches and presentation scripts or briefing them on how to respond to the type of questions they are likely to face. The Manager of External Affairs will be responsible for producing leaflets and communication and education aids, such as presentations or media kits, and is also responsible for organizing events such as stakeholder conferences, press conferences, special events/ceremonies, exhibitions, and/or seminars. The Manager of External Affairs will act as the point of contact for the media and will be responsible for issuing press releases about important WRD developments, including, but not limited to: handling inquiries from journalists, organizing press conferences for important announcements, and arranging interviews for journalists with senior executives and/or Board members. WRD outsources parts of its public relations or marketing communications to external agencies. The Manager of External Affairs will act as the point of contact with public relations consultancies, advertising agencies and marketing services consultancies. WRD outsources parts of its public relations or marketing communications to external agencies.

SKILLS AND APTITUDES: Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for this position. The Manager of External Affairs must be able to communicate clear, consistent messages in a variety of media, including press releases, brochures, internet, and social media product guides. They require analytic skills to assess data from research reports and other sources, such as social media, forums and product review sites. They must also have good interpersonal skills to deal with a diverse group of contacts, including senior managers, marketing professionals and the media.