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Think Outside the Meter Box: How Combining Legacy AMI with the Internet of Things is Bringing Cost-effective, Holistic Solutions to […]


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Think Outside the Meter Box: How Combining Legacy AMI with the Internet of Things is Bringing Cost-effective, Holistic Solutions to Water Systems Management

ACWA invites you to join ACWA Associate Subeca for a webinar on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 10:00 AM.

Legacy Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems have delivered on their promise to reduce meter reading costs and truck rolls for nearly 20 years. Access to near real time data has certainly been a plus for customer service as well. However, we have learned that Legacy AMI is limited to one purpose: tracking and reporting meter data.

This webinar will look at what happens when AMI meets IoT to create an exciting holistic water management solution: AMioT. Global innovations in IoT along with access to inexpensive, open-yet-secure LoRaWAN-powered networks has opened industries and cities and water agencies to a world of innovation and efficiency that starts with metering. This translates into managing operational costs and reducing upward pressure on rates like never before. Find out how your next investment into AMI can provide your agency with access to untold operational gains through the global IoT revolution! Think outside the meter box!


John Soulliere, Principal, JSA Consulting/Director of CA Utilities, Subeca


Derek Wallace, Vice President of Marketing, The LoRa Alliance
Patrick Keaney, Worldwide Head of Business Development, AWS Water
Hank McCarrick, Chief Strategy Officer, Subeca

About Subeca 

Subeca was founded in 2008 by Hank McCarrick. Subeca is focused on empowering water purveyors and consumers alike to efficiently manage water use like never before. This is accomplished by providing critical water system information along with the tools to analyze and respond to that information almost instantly. With the increase in conservation mandates and the simple desire to be good stewards of our most precious natural resource, Subeca has developed AMioT – an open-yet-secure AMI solution that can scale into total agency management with the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are changing the way water systems are managed around the globe! Subeca’s holistic approach is the next evolution from legacy AMI to a holistic end-to-end water management solution – AMioT.

Who Should Attend:

Agency leaders (elected and senior staff), Operations, Finance IT and CS Leadership

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