SB 222 (Dodd) Floor Alert

  • Aug 17, 2022
  • Comment Letters

Assembly Floor Alert

Subject: SB 222 State Water Rate Assistance Program Oppose Unless Amended

Letter excerpt:

SB 222 would require the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) to implement a Water Rate Assistance Program that would provide financial assistance for both drinking water and wastewater services to low-income residential ratepayers. Such a program – if designed in a reasonable, efficient and effective manner – is something the Association of California Water Agencies would like to see advanced.

However, after months of no amendments in 2022, problematic amendments were made on June 23, 2022 after four policy committees and two appropriations committees had acted on the bill in 2021. On August 11, 2022, the Assembly approved amendments from Senator Dodd that addressed many of those problems. However, the August 11, 2022 amendments did not address the fundamental issues listed below in order of importance. Significantly, the bill would set up a conflict with Constitutional provisions (Proposition 218) with which public water agencies must comply, and it is unclear how program enrollment and verification would work.

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