Current Issues

ACWA engages on an array of legislative and regulatory issues to advocate on behalf of its members and to promote a more reliable and sustainable water system.

See the links below for a look at issues currently on ACWA’s radar.

Legislative Package Implementation

The Legislature enacted a comprehensive water package in November 2009 aimed at improving the state’s water supply reliability and restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta ecosystem. Several implementation processes are on a fast track toward decisions later in 2010.

State Budget / Fees

Gov. Jerry Brown released a state budget proposal Jan. 10 that calls for $12.5 billion in spending cuts, a major realignment of state and local responsibilities and a five-year extension of temporary taxes.

ACWA anticipates a high level of activity this year to engage in budget hearings and protect members from potential fees and minimize fiscal impacts on member agencies due to the state’s budget shortfalls.

Climate Change

Adapting to climate change and navigating state and federal policies will be a major focus for local water agencies in the coming decades. ACWA is calling for innovative approaches and policies that ensure California’s water supply infrastructure can meet the challenges created or exacerbated by climate change.

Water Quality

From mandatory minimum penalties to constituents of emerging concern (CECs), ACWA is providing assistance to members on key water quality issues.

Endangered Species / Non-Native Species

ACWA is sponsoring legislation to address liability issues for water agencies seeking to control the spread of quagga mussels.