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Sustaining Groundwater Resources

Protecting the health of California’s groundwater basins into the future.

Sustainable Groundwater: A Critical Part of the Plan

Bringing the state’s critically over-drafted groundwater basins back into balance is vital to California’s water future. Under the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, local agencies are forming new agencies to tasked with creating sustainable groundwater management plans for our future.

ACWA's Efforts

ACWA is leading the charge on Sustainable Groundwater Management Act implementation issues, engaging on related-legislation and working directly with the California Department of Water Resources. ACWA’s advocacy on DWR’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan regulations helped secure more workable requirements to develop and implement a plan to achieve groundwater sustainability.

ACWA Member Efforts

ACWA members throughout the state are forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, developing governance plans, conducting stakeholder outreach, researching current conditions, and drafting plans to bring overdrafted groundwater basins back into balance.

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“Proper groundwater management helps provide a buffer against drought and climate change, and contributes to reliable water supplies regardless of weather patterns.” Brent Hastey ACWA Immediate Past President

SGMA Feature – August 2017

by Pamela Martineau

Soquel Creek Water District SGMA overview provided by: Melanie Mow Schumacher, PE, associate manager- special projects, Soquel Creek Water District […]


Recommendations for Achieving Groundwater Sustainability

by Emily Allshouse

In April 2014, ACWA released its “Recommendations for Achieving Groundwater Sustainability,” outlining objectives that must be advanced simultaneously to ensure groundwater […]


Sustainability from the Ground Up: A Framework

by Emily Allshouse

In April 2011, ACWA released a major policy document on groundwater management, “Sustainability from the Ground Up: A Framework for […]


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