• by Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD)
  • Mar 28, 2019

Job Location: Lakewood, CA
Application Deadline: 04/30/2019
How to Apply: To be considered for this opportunity please submit a (1) District application, (2) cover letter highlighting your applicable experience and (3) resume to Brandon Mims, Manager of Administration and Human Resources, by the first review date. The District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Under direction of the Manager of Engineering, performs complex professional engineering work in the research and oversight of water resource projects; conducts research and analysis of specialized water resources and engineering issues; manages engineering design and construction work performed by outside contractors and consultants; and performs related duties as assigned.


Engineer is the Professional Engineer class in the engineering series. An incumbent is responsible for performing complex engineering assignments requiring the use of judgment and initiative in developing solutions to problems, interpreting policies and determining work assignments. Incumbents are responsible for conducting studies of complex and specialized water resource issues and overseeing and monitoring engineering design and construction activities performed by consultants/contractors.

Engineer is distinguished from Senior Engineer in that incumbents in the latter class are responsible for planning, managing, overseeing and evaluating assigned engineering, capital construction and water quality programs/projects.


  1. Plans and conducts specialized water resources studies, including recycled water research, wellhead treatment design, water rate analysis, groundwater basin management, saline plume mitigation and the development of alternative water supplies; evaluates the effectiveness of the District’s efforts to combat seawater intrusion into groundwater supplies and the replenishment of groundwater at District spreading grounds and develops strategies to improve the effectiveness of these efforts; analyzes the effectiveness and efficiency of conjunctive use and groundwater storage programs; develops groundwater monitoring programs as needed.
  2. Prepares specifications, requests for proposals and bid requests; analyzes bids and proposals; prepares estimates of costs for proposed projects and services; negotiates inter-agency contracts; manages and oversees the work of consultants and contractors performing advanced process water treatment plant design and construction; coordinates engineering work activities among professional, technical and support staff, contractors and other government agencies.
  3. Oversees the drilling, installation, development and rehabilitation of District monitoring and production wells; oversees the testing of District aquifers.
  4. Identifies and determines the scope of water resource engineering problems and recommends review by the Assistant General Manager & District Engineer; participates in the development of plans and solutions to problems identified by District management and/or the Board and identifies resource requirements; prepares agenda items and supporting materials for Board action; attends Board and committee meetings, prepares reports and makes presentations as assigned.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge of: Theory, principles and practices of civil engineering design and hydraulic engineering as applied to groundwater management operations; Principles of physics and mathematics applicable to civil engineering; Principles, modern techniques and equipment used in design, construction and maintenance of various capital construction projects; Principles, theories and practices of engineering, hydrology and water quality as applied to groundwater resources and availability in Southern California. Modern scientific methods and techniques used in the study and analysis of groundwater, seawater, surface water and aquifer characteristics; Modern developments, current literature and sources of information regarding engineering, water quality and water resources; Principles and practices of public administration, including contracting and maintenance of public records; Federal, state and local laws, regulations and court decisions applicable to assigned areas of responsibility; Research methods and statistical analysis techniques. 10.Principles and practices of sound business communication.

Ability to: Conduct and evaluate a variety of engineering and water resource studies; Perform difficult technical research and analyze complex engineering and mathematical problems, evaluating alternatives and recommending or adopting effective courses of action; Plan, organize and manage a full range of capital construction/maintenance projects; Collect, evaluate and interpret appropriate and applicable data, either in statistical, graphic or narrative form; Perform complex engineering and water quality analyses using scientific methods and computer equipment; Conduct independent research studies with a high degree of accuracy; Apply sound, creative problem solving techniques to resolve difficult program issues and problems; Understand, interpret, explain and apply laws, regulations, ordinances and policies applicable to program responsibilities; Perform accurate engineering calculations and cost estimates; Prepare clear, concise and comprehensive reports, correspondence and other documents appropriate to technical and non-technical audiences; Present conclusions and recommendations clearly, logically and persuasively to both internal and external program stakeholders; Ensure the maintenance of all required files, records and documentation; Communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing; and Establish and maintain effective working relationships with District management, staff, representatives of other agencies, external stakeholders, the public and others encountered in the course of work.