ACWA Advisory: Region Election Results Announced for the 2020-’21 Term

  • by Caroline Minasian
  • Oct 4, 2019

The polls have closed, the ballots have been counted and the 2019 ACWA region elections results are in. The following newly elected region officers and board members will begin their term of service on Jan. 1, 2020, and serve until Dec. 31, 2021.

Region 1

Chair: Brad Sherwood, Community & Government Affairs Manager, Sonoma Water

Vice Chair: Jennifer Burke, Water Director, City of Santa Rosa

Board Members:

  • Tamara Alaniz, General Manager, Brooktrails Township Community Services District
  • Alan Gardner, General Manager, Valley of the Moon Water District
  • Dennis Mayo, Director, McKinleyville Community Services District
  • Bruce Rupp, Director, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Region 2

Chair: Eric Larrabee, Director, Western Canal Water District

Vice Chair: David Coxey, General Manager, Bella Vista Water District

Board Members:

  • Sean Earley, General Manager, Richvale Irrigation District
  • Brad Mattson, General Manager, Reclamation District #1500
  • Kevin Phillips, District Manager, Paradise Irrigation District
  • Tony Thomasy, Water Treatment Superintendent, City of Shasta Lake
  • Josh Watkins, Water Utility Manager, City of Redding

Region 3

Chair: Joshua Alpine, Director, Placer County Water Agency

Vice Chair: Michael Raffety, Board Member, El Dorado Irrigation District

Board Members:

  • Shannon Cotulla, Assistant General Manager, South Tahoe Public Utility District
  • Gene Mancebo, General Manager, Amador Water Agency
  • Michael Minkler, General Manager, Calaveras County Water District
  • Steven Palmer, General Manager, Georgetown Divide Public Utility District
  • Remleh Scherzinger, General Manager, Nevada Irrigation District

Region 4

Chair: Mark Emmerson, Director, Carmichael Water District

Vice Chair: John Mensinger, Director, Modesto Irrigation District

Board Members:

  • Bryan Busch, General Manager, Reclamation District No. 2068
  • Thomas McGurk, Director, Stockton East Water District
  • Kristin Sicke, Assistant General Manager, Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
  • Dan York, General Manager, Sacramento Suburban Water District
  • Vacant

Region 5

Chair: Frank Mellon, Board Member, East Bay Municipal Utility District

Vice Chair: John L. Varela, Director – District 1, Valley Water

Board Members:

  • Ernesto A. Avila, Director, Contra Costa Water District
  • Mary Bannister, Director – Division B, Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency
  • Jack Burgett, Director, North Coast County Water District
  • Bill Rosen, Director, Goleta Water District
  • Katherine A. Stewart, Director, Vandenberg Village Community Services District

Region 6

Chair: David Cehrs, Director, Kings River Conservation District

Vice Chair: Deanna Jackson, Executive Director, Tri-County Water Authority

Board Members:

  • Brian Davis, Director, Madera Irrigation District
  • Bill Diedrich, Chair, San Luis Water District
  • Todd Neves, Board Member, Westlands Water District
  • Darcy Villere, Director, Firebaugh Canal Water District

Region 7

Chair: J. Paul Hendrix, General Manager, Mid-Kaweah GSA (Tulare County)

Vice Chair: Eric Averett, General Manger, Rosedale Rio Bravo Water Storage District (Kern County)

Board Members:

  • Johnny Amaral, Chief of External Affairs, Friant Water Authority
  • Tom Barcellos, Director, Lower Tule River Irrigation District
  • David Bixler, Vice President, Kaweah River Power Authority
  • Byron Glennan, Director, Rosamond Community Services District
  • Justin Mendes, Regulatory Specialist, Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District

Region 8

Chair: Steve Blois, Board Member, Calleguas Municipal Water District

Vice Chair: Gloria Gray, Vice President, West Basin Municipal Water District

Board Members:

  • Brian Bowcock, Director, Three Valleys Municipal Water District
  • Anselmo Collins, Director of Water Operations, City of Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power
  • William Cooper, Board President, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency
  • Anthony R. Fellow, Board Member, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
  • Leonard E. Polan, Director, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Region 9

Chair: Phil Rosentrater, GM/Executive Director, Salton Sea Authority (Arid)

Vice Chair: Harvey R. Ryan, Board Member, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (Western)

Board Members:

  • Brenda Dennstedt, Board Member, Western Municipal Water District
  • Carol Lee Brady, Board Member, Rancho California Water District
  • Patrick O’Dowd, Board Member, Coachella Valley Water District
  • Luis Cetina, Vice President, Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • James Morales Jr., Governing Board Member, East Valley Water District

Region 10

Chair: DeAna Verbeke, Board Member, Helix Water District (San Diego County)

Vice Chair: Cathy Green, Director, Orange County Water District (Orange County)

Board Members:

  • Jim Atkinson, Director, Mesa Water District (Orange County)
  • Betty Evans, Director/Vice President, Vallecitos Water District (San Diego County)
  • Charles T. Gibson, Board Member, Santa Margarita Water District (Orange County)
  • Shauna Lorance, Department Director, City of San Diego Public Utilities (San Diego County)
  • George Murdoch, Director, East Orange County Water District (Orange County)


If you have questions about the 2019 region elections, please call (916) 441-4545 or contact your ACWA regional affairs representative.