2017 Year in Review

  • Apr 4, 2018
  • Publications

During 2017, ACWA and its membership proved how strength through collaboration can achieve goals unprecedented in terms of complexity and potential impact on California water agencies.

Externally, ACWA continued its leadership in several critical state water issues. Water policy on conservation, infrastructure and groundwater sustainability all reflected ACWA’s influence on behalf of members. Advocacy on conservation legislation made the case for preserving local authority. Meanwhile, specific proposals for water storage projects started advancing through the process created under Proposition 1. Additionally, ACWA continues its leadership role in building consensus around groundwater replenishment.

Internally, ACWA staff fulfilled objectives set in several key areas in 2017, including the addition of 18 new members, expanding non-dues revenue and increasing engagement with member agencies. Everyone within ACWA — member agencies and ACWA staff alike — deserves credit for these achievements. Working, coordinating and planning together is ultimately what makes ACWA strong.

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