Coalition Letter: Advance Clean Fleets Workshop

  • Nov 10, 2020
  • Comment Letters

Agency: California Air Resources Board

Subject: Coalition Comments on the September 18, 2020 Advanced Clean Fleets Workshop

Letter excerpt:

The signatories to this letter appreciate the opportunity to comment on the concepts presented at the September 18, 2020 Advanced Clean Fleets Workshop. The undersigned Coalition of entities have a common purpose to provide electricity, gas, water and wastewater service to the millions of Californians who rely on these services daily (for the purpose of this letter, each utility type is included when the term ‘utility’ is used). The customers who rely on these services have an expectation that the lights and stoves will turn on and taps will work 24/7. When an emergency hits California (or elsewhere), it is imperative these services resume as soon as possible. It is in that spirit that these comments are submitted.

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