Coalition Letter: Forestry Sector Economic Stimulus – Wildfire Trailer Bill

  • Aug 18, 2021
  • Comment Letters

To: Senators Skinner and Wieckowski, and Assembly Members Ting and Bloom

Subject: Forestry Sector Economic Stimulus – Wildfire Trailer Bill

Letter excerpt:

These investments are critical to changing the state’s approach to managing wildfire and building forest resiliency. While the vast majority of this funding will be allocated to fund important wildfire protection and fuel management activities, as the Legislature finalizes its work on the wildfire and other related trailer bills, we would like to reiterate our strong support for the various forest sector economic stimulus proposals that have been put forth by the Governor and budget subcommittees. Investment in these proposals will further the state’s wildfire and forest resiliency goals by helping stimulate the forest sector through the development of new products, technologies and markets that can make use of materials generated through fuel management and forest restoration projects.

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