Coalition Letters: Water Data and Science Funding

  • Apr 14, 2021
  • Comment Letters

To: Senator Merkley and Senator Murkowski and Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Joyce:

Subject: Water Data & Science Program Funding

Letter excerpt:

As leaders in the undersigned organizations, we urge your support to enable the US Geological Survey (USGS), an agency in the Department of Interior (DOI), to fully support its streamgaging networks. These vital networks, managed within the USGS Groundwater and Streamflow Information Program, provide critical, life-saving information and serve the national interest with continuous streamflow information at over 8,400 locations. Due to inadequate funding, gages supported by these necessary USGS programs are being discontinued annually, and our coalition is particularly concerned with the impact of the lack of resources over many years on the Federal Priority Streamgage network (details below). Maintaining and adding to the streamgaging networks is paramount to adequately quantify and manage the nation’s critical water supplies and infrastructure. The members of our organizations rely on the streamgage data and science that USGS produces and many of us represent active, cost-share partners in funding the data collection that Congress and the federal agencies require.

Download Coalition Letter to Senate Appropriations

Download Coalition Letter to House Appropriations


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