Comments on California Water Plan Update 2018

  • Oct 13, 2017
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Agency: California Department of Water Resources

Subject: Comments on California Water Plan  Update 2018, Preliminary Draft, September 27, 2017

Letter excerpt: 

As suggested in the Review’s Guide, the following comments will focus generally on completeness, accuracy, and understandability. We do not intend in these comments to address the many policy assertions, generalizations or conclusions offered in this document, and silence on any point should not be understood as agreement or support for this Plan.

We look forward to seeing comments from other members of the PAC and other participants in this process, especially from those representing ACWA member water agencies. We anticipate increasing attention by water agencies to Update 2018 as Chapter 5 “Funding and Implementation Plan” takes shape in coming months.

Analytical Considerations

1. Water Resources Sustainability. ACWA supports the concept of sustainable management of our water resources, and appreciates its use as an organizing principle for Update 2018. But, although this is a broadly-embraced concept by water agencies statewide, it’s meaning for Update 2018 raises serious analytical challenges. What scale, what metrics, what objectives will be considered? This draft offers some ideas, many of which will continue to be refined in coming weeks and months.

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Comments on Preliminary Draft of California Water Plan Update 2018

Submitted to the California Department of Water Resources on Jan. 16, 2018