Comments on Proposed Surface Water Augmentation Regulations

  • Sep 12, 2017
  • Comment Letters

Agency:  State Water Resources Control Board

Subject: Association of California Water Agencies’ Comments Regarding the Proposed Surface Water Augmentation Regulations

Letter excerpt:

ACWA supports the proposed SWA regulations that would assist the State Water Board in establishing statewide uniform water recycling criteria for SWA while protecting public health at local and regional levels. To further strengthen the proposed regulations, ACWA emphasizes that coordination between the State Water Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards will be crucial to successful and effective implementation of the regulations. As such, ACWA recommends that Article 5.3 of Division 4 provide for a streamlining of regulatory decision-making processes, including application review and approval, monitoring, reporting, and consulting processes. Such streamlining would reduce administrative redundancies, minimize project delays, and eliminate the preparation of duplicative document submissions.

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