Comments on Proposition 1 Groundwater Grant Program Funding Guidelines

  • Nov 8, 2017
  • Comment Letters

Agency:  State Water Resources Control Board

Subject: Comment Letter – Proposition 1 Groundwater Grant Program Funding Guidelines

Letter excerpt:

We appreciate that the draft guidelines appropriately include eligibility for funding projects that prevent seawater intrusion, which is a major source of contamination to drinking water supplies in many groundwater basins along California’s coast.

However, the proposed guidelines include a footnote that inappropriately limits such projects, as follows:

“Projects that will utilize recycled water may be eligible for Groundwater Grant Program funding. However, the portions of such projects that treat water for recycled use, generally are not eligible. The portions of such projects that directly prevent contamination or seawater intrusion, for example injection wells that will prevent migration of contaminants, may be eligible for Groundwater Grant Program funding.”

This limitation unnecessarily and unfairly excludes projects in which treatment of recycled water is an integral element of a comprehensive approach to manage seawater intrusion by using locally available source waters. The entire project should be eligible for funding in such cases.

Download ACWA’s comment letter


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