ACWA 2024 Spring Conference Attorney Programs

  • May 16, 2024
  • Presentations & Multimedia

Presentations from the Attorney Programs held during ACWA’s 2024 Spring Conference & Expo May 7-9 in Sacramento are available below. Please note that this list includes only those presentations and materials made available to ACWA.

For a listing of all sessions and programs, please refer to the full mobile conference program.

If you are seeking any other presentations from the conference, please submit your request to

Wednesday, May 8

Attorney Program – An Uncertain Certainty: Navigating the Uncharted Water of SGMA, Financing Implementation, and State    PRESENTATION

  • Moderator: Jeanne Zolezzi, Herum/Crabtree
  • Panelist: Chris Guillen, Brownstein
  • Panelist: Deanna Jackson, Tri-County Water Authority
  • Panelist: Lauren Layne, Baker Manock & Jensen

Attorney Program – The Looming Crisis in Rate Setting

  • Panelist: Kristopher Anderson, ACWA
  • Panelist: Dean Atyia, Best Best & Krieger LLP
  • Panelist: Claire Collins, Hanson Bridgett LLP    PRESENTATION
  • Panelist: Molly MacLean, Marin Municipal Water District
  • Panelist: Nicholas Whipps, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission    PRESENTATION

Thursday, May 9

Attorney Program – The More You Know: A Public Service Announcement on California’s New Governance and Ethics Laws  PRESENTATION

  • Panelist: Dave Bainbridge, Fair Political Practices Commission
  • Panelist: Nicholaus Norvell, Best Best & Krieger LLP
  • Panelist: Holland Stewart, Best Best & Krieger LLP