ACWA 2024 Spring Conference Presentations

  • Jun 4, 2024
  • Presentations & Multimedia

Presentations from ACWA’s 2024 Spring Conference & Expo held May 7-9 in Sacramento are available below. Please note that this list includes only those presentations and materials made available to ACWA.

The designated conference sessions that were recorded are also indicated below. A link to these recordings will be sent to the registrants of the conference on-demand recordings. If you are interested in purchasing access to the recordings, please contact

For a listing of all sessions and programs, please refer to the  full mobile conference program.

Keynote/Meal Functions (Video Recorded)

  • Wednesday Welcome Keynote on the Main Stage
  • Wednesday Water Talk on the Main Stage
  • Thursday Keynote and Awards on the Main Stage

Attorney Programs (Audio Recorded)

  • An Uncertain Certainty: Navigating the Unchartered Water of SGMA, Financing Implementation and State Intervention    PRESENTATION
  • The Looming Crisis in Rate Setting    COLLINS PRESENTATION  |  WHIPPS PRESENTATION
  • The More You Know: A Public Services Announcement on California’s new Governance and Ethics Laws  PRESENTATION

Communications Committee Program (Audio Recorded)

Finance Programs (Audio Recorded)

Membership Committee Program (Audio Recorded)

  • Leadership Crisis: Real Talk, Tough Questions    TID QR CODES

Region Issue Forums (Audio Recorded)

  • Understanding the Bay Delta Plan’s Impacts on Region 4    PRESENTATION
  • How to Play Nice in the Sandbox: Lessons in Sharing from Region 1    PRESENTATION

Policy Forums (Audio Recorded)

  • Are California’s Water Managers Ready for the Future?
  • The Home Stretch of Making Conservation a Way of Life
  • Reviewing the Weather Whiplash of 2023
  • A Delta County Supervisor, a Water District Board Chair and a Farmer – A Conversation About How Climate Change is Affecting Bay-Delta Water Issues

Solution Spotlights (Audio Recorded)

  • Building Community Trust Through Transparency & Inclusion presented by ACWA Foundation    PRESENTATION
  • Desalination
  • Flow Investments, Floodplains and Fish Survival    PRESENTATION

Water Industry Trends (Audio Recorded)

  • Harmony in Hydrology: The Need for Water Managers to Embrace Nature-Based Solutions    PRESENTATION
  • Ecosystem Valuation – Does Money Grow on Trees?   DELBAR PRESENTATION  |  GUO PRESENTATION
  • Delta Focus: Conveyance Projects Updates
  • Using Consolidation to Achieve the Human Right to Water
  • Powering Through: The Role of Distributed Energy Resources in Crisis Response    PRESENTATION
  • Liquid Intelligence: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Water Data Collaboration    PRESENTATION