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The new Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) Regulation requires all applicable vehicles to report company information, vehicle information, and compliance options […]

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The new Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) Regulation requires all applicable vehicles to report company information, vehicle information, and compliance options using the online Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance and Reporting System (TRUCRS), which has been updated for ACF reporting. To help you become familiar with TRUCRS, and other reporting tools such as a large fleet upload and a compliant fleet lookup, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff invite you to participate in a public online question and answer (Q&A) Session for CARB’s online vehicle reporting database known as TRUCRS.

This Q&A session is free and will only focus on ACF reporting in TRUCRS, fleet specific ACF compliance assistance will not be provided at this session. This session will be held via Zoom at the date and time listed below. Interested parties must register to participate. The webinar will be limited to 500 participants, however the webinar will be recorded and made available on the ACF website.

Date:                 March 5, 2024Time:                 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)Location:           Zoom Webinar


After registering for the event by using the link above, participants will have the option to participate virtually online via Zoom or to listen in on the meeting by telephone with a dial-in number. CARB staff highly recommends participating using the Zoom Desktop or Mobile App for best quality and interactive participation.

Submit Your Reporting Questions

We anticipate a large number of participants and questions. To facilitate an efficient discussion, we request that questions be submitted in advance. You can return to the link provided and continue to submit additional questions. Staff will review the questions, compile those that are similar and pertinent to the TRUCRS reporting system and provide answers during the webinar. While we will not be able to answer fleet specific ACF compliance assistance questions during the Q&A session, if you do have compliance assistance questions you can send those to for individualized fleet assistance. Please submit your reporting questions no later than Monday, March 4, 2024.

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CARB has several resources available that will help prepare you for this Q&A reporting session:

We encourage you to review these documents prior to the Q&A session to ensure the most collaborative and informative experience. The Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation Overview fact sheet will give you some basic information on the different components of the ACF regulation. Please note that your vehicle or fleet may be affected by several other CARB regulations that are currently in place. Visit our CARB TruckStop page to learn more about new California requirements for heavy-duty vehicles.


To meet California’s health-based air quality standards and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, the trucks and buses operated in the state and the fuel they use must be transformed away from petroleum. California is working to meet the Governor’s goal of one hundred percent zero-emission transportation where feasible by 2045.

The ACF regulation applies to fleets performing drayage operations, those owned by State, local, and federal government agencies, and high priority fleets. High priority fleets are entities that own, operate, or direct at least one vehicle in California, and that have either $50 million or more in gross annual revenues, or that own, operate, or have common ownership or control of a total of 50 or more vehicles (excluding light-duty package delivery vehicles). The regulation affects medium- and heavy-duty on-road vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 8,500 pounds, off-road yard tractors, and light-duty mail and package delivery vehicles.

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If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please contact the Advanced Clean Fleets team. If you wish to receive information regarding the new ACF regulation, please visit the Advanced Clean Fleets website and sign up to receive future updates and notices of upcoming meetings. If you need technical support during the webinar, please message Siamak Asnaashari.

If you require a special accommodation or need this document in an alternate format (i.e. Braille, large print) or another language, please contact Siamak Asnaashari , as soon as possible. TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech users may dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

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