Water Bonds 2018 Toolkit

  • Feb 8, 2018
  • Member Tools

Two water bonds will likely be on the ballot in 2018. The bonds, if approved, would provide more than $10 billion for drought preparedness projects, flood protection, safe drinking water, implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, and other projects that will improve water supply reliability and ecosystem health.  Though separate initiatives, both bonds would work together to assist in securing California’s water future.

ACWA members are encouraged to support both bonds and use ACWA’s toolkit to educate water customers, local officials and the media on the measures.

About the Bonds

Proposition 68, a $4.1 billion bond which will appear on the June 2018 ballot, would provide $1.6 billion to fund water-related projects, if approved by voters. Additionally, pending the bond’s qualification for the November ballot, voters will be asked to approve an $8.9 billion water bond known as the State Water Supply Infrastructure, Water Conveyance, Ecosystem and Watershed Protection and Restoration, and Drinking Water Protection Act of 2018 (the November bond). If approved by voters, the funds would provide safe drinking water, repairs to major infrastructure, and additional drought solutions.  More information is included in the toolkit.

ACWA’s Board of Directors in November voted to support both measures and views the two measures as complementary.

Suggested Steps

  • Support both bonds. Ask your Board of Directors to adopt a resolution in support of the bonds. A sample resolution is included. Please be sure to email your board’s approved resolution to ACWA Senior Regional Affairs Representative Brandon Ida. ACWA will forward a copy of your resolution to the proponents.
  • Share your support. Share your support position with a story on your website or customer newsletter, or by sharing information with local media.
  • Educate the public on the measures. Use balanced, educational materials on the bonds to inform the community at public meetings or in community presentations when asked. ACWA’s ballot guidelines are included in the toolkit.


ACWA has developed a toolkit to assist members in educating key audiences about the 2018 bonds, This toolkit is intended to provide general information and guidance to ACWA member agencies on Proposition 68 and the November bond.

Items in this toolkit include:

  • 2018 Water Bonds Brochure. This brochure discusses how passage of the two bonds would work together to benefit water supply reliability and ecosystem health.
  • Sample Support Resolution. Agencies interested in supporting these measures may use this sample resolution as a template.
  • Ballot guidelines. Members are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines for public agencies regarding permissible activities with respect to ballot measures.

Other Resources

To read proponents’ views on Proposition 68, please visit www.yes68ca.com. There was no opponents’ website available at the time of this toolkit.

To read proponents’ views on the November bond, please visit www.waterbond.org.There was no opponents’ website available at the time of this toolkit.


For questions about ACWA’s toolkit, please contact ACWA Director of Communications Heather Engel at (916) 441-4545.

For questions about either of these bonds or ACWA’s position on the measures, please contact ACWA Deputy Executive Director for Government Relations Cindy Tuck at (916) 441-4545.

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