Committee Information

Members interested in serving on an ACWA Committee are encouraged to review the information on ACWA’s How to Get Involved in a Committee webpage.

2020-2021 Committee Rosters by Region:

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Region 10

Agriculture Committee

The Agriculture Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, State Legislative Committee, Federal Affairs Committee or other committees, as appropriate, regarding agricultural issues affecting the interests of ACWA and its members.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee develops and recommends to the Board of Directors programs and activities to be provided or administered by the association that generate non-dues revenue and provide a service or benefit to association members.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and ACWA staff regarding communications and public affairs programs. The committee promotes sound public information and education programs and practices among member agencies. It prepares and distributes materials for use by member agencies in their local outreach efforts. It also provides input and guidance to ACWA’s Communications Department.

Energy Committee

The Energy Committee recommends policies and program to the Board of Directors, the State Legislative Committee and the Federal Affairs Committee as appropriate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the president of the association, the vice president, the most immediate active past president, the chair of the Finance Committee, and three at-large representatives selected from and by the members of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is responsible for supporting the Board, consistent with procedures established by Bylaws, to perform personnel actions, act between meetings, and perform other duties specifically delegated by the Board.

The Executive Committee roster is available here. For more information about Executive Committee meetings, please see ACWA’s Board Meetings and Materials page.

Federal Affairs Committee

The Federal Affairs Committee coordinates with other ACWA committees regarding input on federal issues before both Congress and the federal administrative branches.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding annual budgets, investment strategies, annual audits and auditor selection, dues formula and schedule, and other financial matters.

Groundwater Committee

The Groundwater Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on groundwater policy issues. The committee also monitors state and federal regulations and legislation affecting the quality and management of groundwater, conducts studies and gathers data on groundwater issues, develops policies regarding groundwater management and coordinates with other committees on groundwater issues.

Legal Affairs Committee

The Legal Affairs Committee acts on requests for assistance on legal matters of significance to ACWA member agencies. It also reviews proposed ACWA bylaw revisions and works with staff to produce publications to assist member agencies in complying with state and federal laws. The committee files amicus curiae filing on important cases, comments on proposed regulations and guidelines of state agencies such as the Fair Political Practices Commission and monitors and engages in water rights waters of interest to member agencies.

Local Government Committee

The Local Government Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and the State Legislative Committee on local government matters affecting water agencies, including planning issues, local government organization, and finance. The committee also gathers and disseminates information on the value of special districts, and shares information promoting excellence in local government service delivery.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding membership policies, eligibility and applications for membership. The committee assists staff in developing membership recruitment and retention programs and reviews and makes recommendations to the Finance Committee regarding an equitable dues structure.

State Legislative Committee

The 40-member State Legislative Committee, comprised of four members from each of ACWA’s 10 Regions, sets official state legislative policy positions on behalf of the association. ACWA State Legislative Relations Department advocates and analysts review relevant introduced and amended legislation and create policy analyses with accompanying recommendations. The committee reviews this information and approves positions on the legislation. The committee also provides recommendations to the Board of Directors on ballot measures and other major statewide policy issues.

Water Management Committee

The Water Management Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on policy and programs related to water management. The committee reviews and recommendation positions on legislation and regulations as requested by other committees. The committee also assists in gathering and disseminating information regarding agricultural and urban water management, water conservation and water use efficiency, development and use of water resources, wastewater treatment and water recycling and reuse.

Water Quality Committee

The Water Quality Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, the State Legislative Committee and the Federal Affairs Committee on policy and program regarding water quality issues. The committee promotes cost-effective state and federal water quality regulations and provides a forum for members to work together to develop and present unified comments on water quality regulations. The committee also develops and recommends positions and testimony on water quality regulatory issues.