General Manager

  • by Tri-Dam Project
  • Jul 29, 2019

Job Location: Strawberry, CA
Application Deadline: 08/29/2019
How to Apply: More information at

The General Manager serves as the chief executive officer of the Tri-Dam Project and the Tri-Dam Power Authority, implementing the policies and directions enumerated by the Boards of Directors of the Project and the Commissioners of the Authority, and the laws and regulations that govern the operation of Tri-Dam.

The Project is governed by the Boards of the Oakdale Irrigation District and the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, which conducts joint monthly meetings. The Tri-Dam Power Authority is a separate legal entity. The directors of the two districts serve as the commissioners of the Authority.

The operation of the Project and Authority are governed by FERC licenses, other permits, laws, regulations, and contracts that are the responsibility of the General Manager to assure compliance. The General Manager is responsible for directing the actions of Tri-Dam’s employees. The Tri-Dam non-management employees are represented by the IBEW. The General Manager and other management employees are not represented.



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