ACWA Advisory: Election During Fall Conference Will Decide ACWA President, Vice President

  • by Caroline Minasian
  • Nov 1, 2021

The election to determine ACWA’s President and Vice President for the 2022-’23 term is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1, during ACWA’s 2021 Fall Conference & Exhibition.

The ACWA Nominating Committee, headed by Chair Brent Hastey, has announced a slate that recommends current ACWA Vice President Pamela Tobin for ACWA President and current ACWA Region 10 Vice Chair Cathy Green for ACWA Vice President.

At its meeting on Sept. 24, the ACWA Board of Directors approved procedures whereby ACWA members will be able to participate and vote in person or virtually in the upcoming membership meeting and election. The in-person meeting will be held in Ballroom D-H of the Pasadena Convention Center. Virtual voting delegates will participate via Zoom. The session is scheduled to begin at noon.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted prior to the vote. ACWA Bylaws require that floor nominations and seconds be made by a member of the association and be supported by a resolution of the governing body of the member making and seconding such nomination. The member agency on whose board the nominee serves shall submit a resolution of support if they are not the agency making the floor nomination or second. The resolutions to facilitate floor nominations must be submitted to Clerk of the Board Donna Pangborn at by close-of-business Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021.

Voting Procedures

ACWA will be using a voting system called Live-Tally, which will allow voters to vote using a handheld keypad or online keypad (which can be accessed through any modern web browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone). Voters must be present at the membership meeting, either in person or virtually, to vote.

Member agencies must indicate their voting representative and alternate on the Voter Designation & Information Form. The form must be submitted by Wednesday, Nov. 24.

Members who desire to participate in the membership meeting virtually and vote electronically are required to sign and return the “Consent to Electronic Transmissions, Meetings & Voting Form” by Nov. 24, consistent with the California Corporations Code.

Additional information including candidate backgrounds, further election procedures, and the required voter designation & information form is available for members on the board election webpage at

About the Candidates

Pamela Tobin has been a member of the San Juan Water District Board of Directors since 2004, including three terms as Board President.  She also has served multiple terms as Chair of both the Sacramento Regional Water Authority (RWA) and the Sacramento Groundwater Authority and was the recipient of RWA’s 2018 Distinguished Service Award.

She was elected Vice President of ACWA in 2019 after serving as Chair of the Region 4 Board in 2018-’19. Tobin chairs the Leadership to Leadership initiative, a virtual meeting series designed especially for member agency leadership to discuss emerging local issues with ACWA’s leadership. She is actively involved in ACWA’s regions and committees and currently serves as a member of ACWA JPIA’s Executive Committee.

Beyond her water industry involvement, Tobin works as a realtor and property developer with more than 30 years of experience as a business owner.

Cathy Green was elected to the Orange County Water District (OCWD) Board of Directors in 2010 and was re-elected in 2012, 2016 and 2020. She was selected by the Board to serve as its President in 2015 and 2016. She currently serves as 1st Vice President, a position she previously held in 2013, 2014 and 2020.

Green has been actively involved in ACWA’s Region 10 and various committee activities for the past nine years. She has served on ACWA’s Board of Directors as the Chair or Vice Chair of the Region 10 Board since 2016 and ACWA’s Executive Committee since 2020. Green also currently serves on ACWA’s Water Quality and Energy Committees.

Beyond her water industry involvement, Green is a registered nurse and holds a degree in law. She has been active in civic leadership, serving on the City of Huntington Beach City Council 2002-2010, serving as mayor in 2003 and 2009. Green is also the recipient of many local, statewide, and national awards.


Questions about the election should be directed to ACWA Clerk of the Board Donna Pangborn at (916) 441-4545.