#NoWaterTax Campaign

  • Feb 1, 2018

We Can Solve it Without a Drinking Water Tax

Did you know the state is proposing a drinking water tax for California families and businesses to provide funding to assist some rural, low-income communities that do not have access to safe drinking water? Did you know there is still a way to help our most vulnerable residents without establishing a tax on one of our most vital resources?

Learn more the proposed tax on drinking water and how it could affect you.  Learn how you can support a better solution below.

Californians Oppose a Drinking Water Tax

73% of Californians dont want a water taxTulchin Research recently conducted a statewide poll showing that 73% of likely voters oppose a new tax on drinking water, both initially and even after hearing more information.

Additionally, 74% would prefer using existing funding sources rather than establishing a new tax on drinking water.

For more on the polling, please read the polling results memo or see our news release.

Why a Water Tax isn’t the Right Solution

Local public water agencies are committed to providing safe and reliable water. They agree with the goal of assisting disadvantaged communities without safe drinking water, but oppose the tax on drinking water for several reasons, including:

  • The state should not tax something that is essential to life, such as water and food.
  • The cost of living in California is already too high.
  • A tax on drinking water would work against the goal of keeping water affordable for Californians.
  • This new law would turn thousands of local water agencies into tax collectors for the state of California.

Working for a Better Solution

ACWA and a large coalition of businesses, cities, and water agencies are working on all fronts to advance a suite of alternative funding solutions.

Learn more about credible funding alternatives that don’t require a new tax on drinking water.

Tools & Resources

Opinions Around the State

Read the latest opinion columns from around the state on why a tax on drinking water is not the right solution to this key public health and social issue.

Join Us

More than 200 business groups, cities, and water agencies have joined ACWA in opposing a tax on drinking water. To join ACWA’s coalition, please contact ACWA State Relations Analyst Melissa Sparks at (916) 441-4545.

Here are the coalition’s most recent letters:


Media inquiries and members questions about member tools and resources should be directed to ACWA Director of Communications Heather Engel at (916) 441-4545.

For questions about ACWA’s position on SB 623 or opposition to a statewide tax on water, please contact ACWA Deputy Executive Director for Government Relations Cindy Tuck at (916) 441-4545.