Webinar – Achieving Cr6 MCL Compliance: A Review of RCF Treatment Options

  • Oct 12, 2023
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The State Water Resources Control Board has identified reduction-coagulation-filtration (RCF) as the best available technology for Cr6 removal based on its proven effectiveness and practicality. Utilities evaluating RCF technologies will not want to miss this workshop.

While both ferrous and stannous reagents have been shown to support Cr6 reduction when part of the complete RCF process, there are significant differences between the nature of these two treatment reagents and their overall feasibility, safety and effectiveness in achieving reliable and accurate Cr6 removal.

With the SafeGuard™ H2O system, utilities can ensure operational safety and treatment process optimization by generating a stannous reagent on-site and on-demand via an electrolytic process. SafeGuard™ H2O is a fully automated, affordable and proven RCF system that also features an online Cr6 analyzer to control system performance in real-time. This proprietary RCF technology has been successfully demonstrated at California utilities and results from these case studies will be presented.

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On October 11, 2023, Aqua Metrology Systems hosted a webinar that shared information about the best practices for Cr6 removal with RCF systems and the benefits of an on-site generated stannous reagent.


  • Reduction-Coagulation-Filtration for Cr6 Removal
  • SafeGuard™ H2O In-Situ Stannous Reagent Generation Technology
  • Case Study Data
  • Questions & Discussions

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Rick Bacon, CEO, Aqua Metrology Systems
Vladimir Dozortsev, PhD., Senior Product Manager, Aqua Metrology Systems

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