CalDesal Coalition Letter on Draft Seawater Desalination Siting Report

  • Jul 31, 2023
  • Comment Letters

Agency: State Water Resources Control Board

Subject: Comments on Draft Desalination Siting and Streamlining Report to Expedite Permitting

Letter excerpt:

On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we offer our public comments on the “Draft Seawater Desalination Siting and Streamlining Report to Expedite Permitting,” that was published on July 12, 2023. While we believe the Governor’s Water Supply Strategy (“Strategy”) and Water Resilience Portfolio (“Portfolio”) provide important foundations for advancing desalination with the inclusion of critical objectives that focus on the expansion of desalination production in California as a component of our state’s water supply and water resilience future, we are concerned that the Draft Siting Criteria report doesn’t facilitate the level of desalination advancement envisioned within the Strategy and Portfolio to address California’s real-time aridification and climate change challenges, and should be subject to a much more comprehensive – and inclusive – public vetting process before it is finalized.

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