ACWA 2021 Fall Conference Attorney Program Presentations

  • Dec 21, 2021
  • Presentations & Multimedia

Presentations from the Attorney Programs held during ACWA’s 2021 Fall Conference & Exhibition Dec. 1-3 in Pasadena are available below. Please note that this list includes only those presentations and materials made available to ACWA.

For a listing of all sessions and programs, please refer to the full conference program booklet.

If you are seeking any other presentations from the conference, please submit your request to

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Attorneys Program – Water Theft During Times of Drought and Beyond: A Guide to Prevention

Attorneys Program – Down to a Trickle? How California’s Water Suppliers are Grappling with Less Supply in Successive Years of Shortage

Thursday, Dec. 2

Attorneys Program – Key Appellate Court Decisions in 2020-2021 and What They Mean for Your Agency

Attorneys Program – SWRCB: Update on the Administrative Hearings Office