Gov. Jerry Brown has signed several ACWA-supported bills including AB 2067 (Weber) and SB 1420 (Wolk), related to Urban Water Management... Read More»
The Regional Water Authority (RWA) today announced that 14 of the water providers it represents have accomplished impressive water savings... Read More»
Save Our Water and Energy Upgrade California launched a collaborative messaging effort this month to spread the word about conserving both... Read More»
California’s urban water suppliers are making headway in their water conservation efforts, achieving a 7.5% drop in usage statewide... Read More»
Public water agencies around the state are stepping up conservation efforts, expanding rebate programs and pursuing an array of innovative... Read More»
The deterioration of the Salton Sea— with its worsening air quality, loss of ecological habitat, diminished recreational revenue and... Read More»
Comedian and television talk show host Conan O’Brien is featured in a series of new public service announcements (PSAs) released... Read More»
Lady Gaga sent an official shout-out to Californians today, asking them to conserve water during the state's worsening drought. Working... Read More»
The drought is on and so is the California State Fair. This year, the Save Our Water campaign is doubling down its messaging on... Read More»
Save Our Water today launched a new messaging campaign – Don't Waste Summer– which provides daily water conservation tips... Read More»
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