Water Quality

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week approved the corrective action plan submitted by the California Department of Public... Read More»
A new desktop tool from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the annual amount of rainfall and runoff at a specific site, and... Read More»
An Alameda County Superior Court judge on July 18 directed the California Department of Public Health to propose a drinking water standard... Read More»
ACWA has prepared a communications toolkit for member agencies to use in educating the public about the draft drinking water standard for... Read More»
The Senate Health Committee approved ACWA-opposed legislation today that would move the state’s drinking water program from the... Read More»
With the Senate Health Committee set to hear AB 145 (Perea) this week, water agencies throughout the state are voicing concerns about the... Read More»
Disadvantaged communities with contaminated drinking water sources need solutions, but one measure moving through the Legislature reaches... Read More»
The California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program submitted a corrective action plan June 24 to the U.S. Environmental... Read More»
A Senate committee approved an ACWA-opposed bill June 12 that would transfer responsibility for the state’s drinking water program... Read More»
New rules for surface water treatment adopted by the California Department of Public Health will go into effect beginning July 1. Read More»
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