Voices on Water

New Strategy on Delta Smelt a Step in the Right Direction

Over the past few months, California water has seen its share of policy shifts. This month brought a development that many hope will set us on a course to better manage aquatic resources with a comprehensive set of tools.

With the release of the Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy, state and federal agencies have outlined a comprehensive plan that centers on more than just pumping restrictions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. ACWA and its member agencies have advocated for such a strategy for the better part of two decades.

Threading the Needle on Conservation Messaging this Year

Thanks in large part to a unified effort by the water community, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a new approach to urban conservation this year. The board’s action on May 18 moved us away from a policy that had the wrong metric of success (meeting arbitrary targets) to an approach that incentivizes further investments in local drought-resilient supplies.

Senate Bill Presents Opportunity to Redefine Federal, State Relationship on Water

Since passage of historic water legislation in 2009, the core tenet of California water policy is managing for the coequal goals of improving both water supply reliability and ecosystem health.

It’s “Go Time” for Improving California’s Voluntary Water Market

As we have seen over the past few years, droughts have a way of spurring leadership on important policy issues. In the past two years alone, ACWA and its members have played a leading role in putting substantive proposals on the table to address key issues including sustainable groundwater management, headwaters health and water storage investments.