Voices on Water

Taking a Stand for the Future We Want in California

With California water at a tipping point once again, ACWA’s Board of Directors is taking a public stand in favor of collaborative, comprehensive solutions that protect and promote both water supply reliability and ecosystem health.

The policy statement on Bay-Delta flow requirements adopted by the Board on March 10 carries a powerful message about a path to a better future. It also makes it clear that the State Water Resources Control Board’s singular focus on “unimpaired flow” is incompatible with that path.

National Geographic Documentary Distorts California’s Water History

There is no easy narrative when it comes to California water, but the producers of National Geographic’s newly released documentary on our state’s water system seem to think there is. The filmmakers relied on a Hollywood trope to tell the complicated story of California’s water history and water rights. Any idea what that trope might be? You guessed it – the film Chinatown. Yes, really.

Executive Director's Blog: New Administration Brings New Opportunities for Solutions

Many people in the water community have been asking me the same question these past few weeks – What will a Trump Administration mean for California water? No one knows the answer for sure, but as we move forward, as always, ACWA will stick to its core values. And the template for those core values is the coequal goals of advancing a water policy that benefits both California’s economy and environment.

Improving ACWA's Relevance to Agricultural Water Agency Members

There is no better venue than an ACWA conference to get the pulse of local water agency managers and directors. Between the formal panel discussions and the informal conversations throughout the week, our conferences are rich with opportunities to hear the concerns and opinions of folks on the front lines of providing water to cities and farms in California.