Water News

ACWA has prepared a communications toolkit for use by members in messaging to customers the transition to a new emergency conservation... read»
Registration is now open for ACWA’s 2016 Regulatory Summit titled “Water and Energy: Beyond the Nexus.” read»
California needs a more nimble water market and water transfer process to meet both the state’s water supply needs and its... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board held a public hearing Wednesday to receive public comment related to its draft Drinking Water... read»
Three state agencies described plans Wednesday for an emergency water supply project to provide safe drinking water to homes in the Tulare... read»
Even though specific state-mandated standards have been eliminated, California water agencies are not about to let down their guard when it... read»
A special hearing set for Tuesday on ACWA-opposed SB 163 (Hertzberg) was cancelled at the author’s request in the Assembly... read»
The California Department of Water Resources has released the Proposition 1 Final Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Package for the... read»
The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday passed the FY 2017 Interior and Environment appropriations bill. The bill will now head to... read»
A bill that would require ocean and bay dischargers to beneficially reuse 50% of treated wastewater by 2033 and 100% by 2036 will receive a... read»
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