Water News

The Little Hoover Commission has scheduled a hearing Aug. 25 on special districts as part of a new review getting underway this fall. read»
San Luis Reservoir hit its lowest level in 27 years this summer. The condition of the reservoir illustrates the problems facing the state... read»
The California Water Commission on Wednesday released a new technical reference document intended to support applicants seeking funding... read»
Water suppliers’ “stress test” results were reviewed during a meeting of the State Water Resources Control Board today... read»
Despite improved drought conditions in some areas of the state, a new economic analysis from the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences... read»
The California Department of Water Resources has provided public notice that an agricultural advisory group has been named to... read»
Looking for an opportunity to honor those unsung heroes who work tirelessly for the good of ACWA? Or has your agency launched an innovative... read»
In an effort to maintain higher water levels at Donner Lake through August, a series of water exchange transactions will begin under the... read»
Saying current Delta diversions threaten irreparable harm to the public trust, three environmental groups have asked the State Water... read»
The Public Policy Institute of California has released a new report, titled “Accounting for California’s Water,” with 12... read»
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