Water News

The House Natural Resources Committee, on Thursday, voted to report three bills of interest to ACWA members out of committee. The votes on... read»
Reduce Your Use
The Regional Water Authority (RWA) today announced that 14 of the water providers it represents have accomplished impressive water savings... read»
A poll released today by Probolsky Research shows that 69% of likely voters within the boundaries of the Orange County Water District (OCWD... read»
"2014 - The Year of Groundwater" is the theme for the 23rd Annual Conference and Meeting of The Groundwater Resources Association... read»

Member-Sourced News

Perris, CA (September 4, 2014) — Ronald Sullivan, who represents Eastern Municipal Water District on its Board of Directors,... read»
Perris, CA (August 20, 2014) — Eastern Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors on Wednesday, August 20, officially... read»
Central Basin Municipal Water District
Commerce, CA (Aug. 7, 2014) -- In light of California’s persistent drought, Central Basin Board President issued the following... read»