Water News

The Little Hoover Commission held a public hearing today that explored the roles of special districts, examining the services they provide... read»
The Little Hoover Commission’s Aug. 25 hearing on special districts has been moved to a new location. The hearing is now set for 9:30... read»
The current Call for Candidates deadline to fill two vacancies on the Region 1 Board has been extended to September 23. ACWA is seeking... read»
The Delta Stewardship Council on Tuesday appealed a June 24 ruling by the Sacramento Superior Court that invalidated the council... read»

Member-Sourced News

Perris, CA (August 17, 2016)—Eastern Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors on Wednesday, August 17, voted to formally... read»
Perris, CA (August 11, 2016)—A new Smithsonian Institution exhibit, highlighting the importance of water, will make its national... read»
Calaveras County Water District Board President Terry Strange discusses the impacts of the four-year drought on the District and the... read»