ACWA Spotlight

Prop. 53 Information

Proposition 53, also known as the "Cortopassi Initiative," will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot. The measure, if approved by voters, would amend the California Constitution to require statewide voter approval of infrastructure projects... read»

ACWA Conferences and Events

Information about ACWA Conferences and Events and be viewed here.


ACWA Marketplace

The ACWA Marketplace is a new public directory for water industry-related products and services.

It is available to consumers but geared toward helping ACWA member agencies make informed decisions when purchasing new products and services... read»

ACWA's Water Market Recommendations

The ACWA Board of Directors has adopted a suite of recommendations for improving the water transfer process and access to the voluntary water market, especially for smaller agencies. ACWA’s “... read»

Long-Term Water Conservation and Management Policy

As the state's focus begins to transition from the State Water Resources Control Board's 2015 emergency conservation regulation to a long-term water management vision for California's future, ACWA strongly... read»

Water Reuse Terminology

               ... read»

Chromium-6 Drinking Water Standard

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) finalized the nation's first drinking water standard for chromium-6 drinking water standard on July 1, 2014.

ACWA is actively engaged on this issue, including sponsoring SB 385 (Hueso)... read»

2014 Water Bond

Proposition 1 in Action

The $7.545 billion water bond approved overwhelmingly by California voters in November 2014 is expected to provide a significant infusion of funding for water projects and programs at a... read»

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