ACWA Spotlight

ACWA Policy Statement on Bay-Delta Flows

ACWA’s Board of Directors has adopted a strong policy statement urging the State Water Resources Control Board to set aside its problematic “unimpaired flow” approach to setting new water quality objectives in the Bay-Delta... read»

Engaging the Next Generation in California Water

Attracting and engaging the next generation of water professionals and leaders has emerged as a key priority for California water agencies.

To address this challenge, ACWA is developing a suite of tools and opportunities to help develop... read»

ACWA Conferences and Events

Information about ACWA Conferences and Events can be viewed here.


ACWA Region Elections

ACWA Region elections occur in odd-number years to elect the officers of each region. The officers shall be a chair and a vice chair and three to five board members who are elected by their region by Sept. 30, or the preceding Friday if Sept. 30... read»

Clean Water and Jobs for California

Clean Water and Jobs for California is a coalition of business, agriculture, labor, public water agencies and others organized to educate Californians about the need to invest in the state’s water system to sustain and grow jobs and protect... read»

ACWA Marketplace

The ACWA Marketplace is a new public directory for water industry-related products and services.

It is available to consumers but geared toward helping ACWA member agencies make informed decisions when purchasing new products and services... read»

Prop. 53 Information

Proposition 53, also known as the "Cortopassi Initiative," will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot. The measure, if approved by voters, would amend the California Constitution to require statewide voter approval of infrastructure projects... read»

ACWA's Water Market Recommendations

The ACWA Board of Directors has adopted a suite of recommendations for improving the water transfer process and access to the voluntary water market, especially for smaller agencies. ACWA’s “... read»

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